OnlineMedEd FAQ

How many downloads do I get with my subscription?

Annual subscriptions (either paid up-front or in monthly installments) come with unlimited downloads; this means you can access as many lecture notes, whiteboard graphics, or audio files as you want while your subscription remains active. 

The one-month trial available to brand new registrants, as well as our commitment-free monthly subscription, is limited to 30 downloads per billing cycle, meaning you can mix and match your 30 files across lecture notes, whiteboard graphics, and audio files.

If you run out of downloads, you can purchase an Unlimited Download Add-On Pack via our store, or upgrade your account to an annual subscription.

Additionally, access to the Premium material ends when a subscription terminates - and this includes the ability to download files. Once your subscription ends, you will be unable to continue downloading Premium files, and will lose any remaining downloads that were accrued while your subscription was active.