OnlineMedEd FAQ

How does Offline Content work?

On OME Mobile, you can save up to 10 of each type of media (video, audio, notes, and whiteboard snapshots) for offline use, which means you can access these resources even if you're not connected to wifi or cellular data. 

Monthly subscribers who are limited to 30 downloads each month should keep in mind that saving lecture notes, audio files, and whiteboard snapshots for offline use will count against their download quota. Saving lecture videos for offline use, however, will not! 

To save a file for offline use, just click the "save" button below the file.

To access your Offline Content, click on the icon of three horizontal lines to reveal the sidebar, and then click "Offline Content."


To remove offline content from your device, swipe left over the file, then click on the "X" button. Please note that each file will have to be removed individually - we do not currently support bulk removal of offline content.

*Questions and Flashcards are not available for offline use.