OnlineMedEd FAQ

Does OnlineMedEd have fewer QBank questions compared to other question banks?

While on the surface it may seem like our 1,200+ questions pale in comparison to the higher numbers other question banks tout, there's an important distinction to be aware of. 

Most other question banks will take each question and then create 4-5 molded versions of it, slightly tweaked, to change the correct answer choice. So they might market that they have 5,000 or 10,000 questions . . . but really it's far, far fewer than that. Every single one of our USMLE-style questions is unique; there are no duplicates.  Moreover, when you answer one, we show you the right and wrong answers, but also very clear explanations why certain answers are wrong, and what would have needed to change in the vignette to make it correct. 

We believe the way we format our questions is more effective for learning. Our Premium users seem to agree; you can see by reading the thousands of testimonials on our website.